The Memory of Your Love…..


Talking about you…….

I fall asleep next to the sky…..

I don’t know where ways move….

As I stand here waiting for you….

The fragrant breeze reminds me of you…..

Stars meet the sky as your heart meets mine….

The world has never heard a tale such as ours…..

Can someone show us mercy and kindness……???

The wish was that the world should see…….

That there was no such crazy love than you and me….

The world has never heard a tale such as ours……

Can someone show us mercy and kindness……..??


Teaching is an ART and not everyone is an Artist……

Every job of our life is full of challenges and tests either we go through them in correct way or because of our continuous blunders we lose that place.


People used to say that teaching is a science, because teacher used to observe the students and then based on their observations about students they develop hypothesis about the best ways to ensure their students are learning. But to call teaching a science is like considering our students as a kind of some experimental objects.

Then after coming to this profession and trying to set myself with the students, listening to their problems and sometimes becoming harsh on them for not doing the work I realized that it is not a complete science.

Because when you become a teacher and move inside the classroom that is full of rude, good, lazy and naughty students it is no longer an ordinary room any more it becomes a place where several different minds are sitting together and challenging you to handle them. This way of thinking forced me to call it as an ART.

What is the job of artist? To made different paintings and sketches with different colors. Same is the job of the teacher, dealing with all the different minds, understanding them and finding solutions to their problems.

Because extraordinary teaching is primarily about creating the conditions in which our students can learn most effectively, being an excellent teacher does not pivot on inherent tendency, but—instead—on a solid understanding of how human beings learn and on having a genuine empathy for students.

Generally speaking, teaching is bit science and bit art. A good teacher can handle both science and art at the same time.

And those who say that teaching is not an art then believe me the classes of those teachers are always boring to attend.


Age is just a number……….


When i saw a four year old boy giving his chocolate to his crying sister who was much younger than him at that time I realized that “Age is just a number”.

When I saw 85 years old man graduating from university at Oxford….. I realized that Age is just a number”.

This universe which seems to be 140 billion years old and it is still in the process of constant expansion and expanding itself I realized that for this universe as well……. Age is just a number”.

Then, who are you to give up on your dreams!!

Achieve your dreams without looking at your age, listen to the constant voice that is coming out of your heart and pushing you to achieve all those beautiful things that are waiting for you from a long time.

Society holds a very negative stigma regarding the age. It does not consider it as a number. But forget about those who bring negativity to your life.

Stand up! And start working on all those things which you neglected in life. Either it was a small wish or the big one. You wanted to have cotton candy at age 5 and was never able to eat that go now and have it.

No one can stop you from working hard for all your dreams. Not even your age…..!!!


We and Our Universe

In the past human history, we were only able to see in our universe that some few thousand stars shine in the dark night and this was the only thing which gave us the evidence of night. Then, the discovery of telescope changed the whole situation.

We observed the planets from telescope. Planets near to earth and far from it and galaxies were observed with telescope. And so in this way the unpredictable secrets of this universe started opening. Today, we have extraordinary telescopes through which we have seen such things that even ancient scientists could not think of them.


Man is always curious about sky. We observed the sky and its depth and complexity surprised us. Space is the world of stars, galaxies and planets. Where time is measured in million and billion years and distance is measured in multiplier of million and billions of years. This calculated figure looks unbelievable and sometimes this universe looks imaginary. But the truth is that it is the most glorious thing of God which has made the senses of man to think about it. It is believe of many scientists that our universe came into existence just some 14 million years ago due to some Big Bang. At that time universe consisted of a singularity whose volume was as less as the tip of a nail. It was completely closed and this singularity had the temperature and mass up to anything that man can ever think of. It was completely dark.

According to some theories there was a great big blast in this unity and that great big mass was destroyed into small masses and our universe came into existence. This is what known as Big Bang theory.

Time, space came into existence because of this mass which is known as universe. Within a second even some scientist says that less than in a second this universe stretched itself and became so big that even a single atom is small enough in front of it and thousands of galaxies are smaller in front of this single universe. And from that time it is still stretching itself and the process of vastness of universe is not controlled.

15 times bigger suns than our sun when complete their life cycle and die, they are converted into Black Holes. Their gravitational force attract them to a small single place where they become massless. Because of this gravitational force, mass convert itself into Supernova.

Its internal gravitational force is so powerful that it attract every single particle towards itself. Even the light is trapped by black hole and in its result complete darkness is observed. Because of this reason it is known as Black Hole. According to some observations the amount of mass present in black hole is 14 million times more than a mass of a single sun.

In the study of Astronomy, the knowledge of these things was not an easy task. Just to know that our earth rotates around the sun, man took hundreds of years to study this. In ancient times, those who considered this study carefully observed that the stars rises each night before 4 minutes. This four minute difference added and summed up into 2 hours difference for one month and it became 24 hour difference for one year. That’s why if any star rises at 8 pm at night on some date then after one year it will again rise at 8 pm on same date. The reason behind this is that our earth completes one revolution around the sun in one year. This also gave evidence to the scientists that our earth was not a center of this universe.

The people of ancient times looked at the stars and carefully observed them and came to a result that there are some stars that do not follow this rule to rise every night before 4 minutes.

It is worth considering that from thousands of stars just few of five stars do not follow this rule and to point out them was a great achievement as at that time there were no advance technologies to  observe this. so they named them as “wanderers” as they keep on moving.

Actually these five stars are planets which are named as Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Scientists spend their whole lives in finding where every star is located, when it rises and this thing with the passage of time became stronger that our earth is not the center of this universe.